Event organization
Social, corporate, public and tailor-made events to offer you what you really need
Event organization
Social, corporate, public and tailor-made events to offer you what you really need

Event Manegement

Social, corporate, public and custom events to offer you what you really need

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Tina Event Planner is an event management company which aims to create unique experiences internationally.
As specialists in protocol and event management, we know how important details are. That is why we offer a completely personalised service. Our clients satisfaction in each project is our biggest success.

Our working process is based on getting to know our clients first, their ideas, objectives and inspirations; to then work on a proposal according to what we want to achieve. We do this by adapting, planning and coordinating each service using the most advanced techniques available in protocol, so each event shines in the most special way.
Always in touch with the client, so we can offer our best skills, flexibility and resiliance.

In Tina Event Planner, we organise every kind of event, namely:


Unique experiences

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We organise special social events, such as; weddings, private celebrations, brunches, gastro tours and much more. Always making sure we offer you a wide range of options.

We want to create events to remember, we work efficiently and put the clients’ wishes first.

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Every detail

Every detail counts


A companies success also depends on how events are organised and the image and brand it projects. We organise all kind of corporate events. In Tina Event Planner we organise corporate events paying special attention on the company’s vision and strategy.

TeamBuildings, activities, networking and trade fairs are available in our services portfolio:

We get deeply involved, so any company regardles of its size can come forward. There is awide range of options, namely: trade fairs, breakfasts, presentations…

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We are also specialists in private events. As an event management and protocol company, we create different types of events for each company, so we can have a big impact in bringing them benefits. We are experts in coworking and networking.

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For us, each event is a new challenge. A challenge to create an unique experience for every attendee. We organise all sorts of cultural events, entertainment and charitable, as well as showrooms or sports events. The objective is to organise a memorable and special event where all the guests will enjoy, whether it is a small exhibition or a concert.


We adapt to your needs and create experiences according to your goal. We will prepare an unique and innovative proposal for your event. Tina Event Planner has a clear vision, being the event management industry leader, so our philosophy focuses primarily on the client.

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And we are different! In Tina Event Planner we are very consicous of climate change and the impact in our environment, that is why we offer eco-friendly materials. Alternatives to plastic like recycled paper, which is constantly in our plans and previous events. Using sustainable materials in events planning is now easier than ever!

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to answer any questions!

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