Windows 11: Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Next OS

Under the “Monitor” section in Intel Control Panel, click on the “Graphic Properties“. If the popup comes with application modes then select “Basic Mode” and click ok. On the home screen, open the graphic options by the right click on the mouse. Choose the screen you want to rotate if you have more than one.

You end up with two windows, each showing in exactly half the screen, regardless of what your overall screen or monitor size is. Not sure I’m following the comment, as this solution will enable two programs or windows to be as full as they can be in half the screen. If you find a different solution, please let us know. Then for Windows 7 users, right-click on the taskbar and choose ‘Show windows side-by-side’. Now open another app and drag it to the lower right corner in the same way. After dragging it, you will see that the right side has two windows, one above the other.

How to rotate Screen on Windows 11/10

To do so, first, open up your Settings window by pressing Windows Key + I on your keyboard. In that menu you will see an option called Multiple Displays – once there, you will be able to change how monitors are rotated. Hold and press the Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow keys at the same time. This step will rotate your screen to its default orientation which is on landscape mode. Some PCs have hotkeys that quickly rotate the screen when pressed. These are provided by the Intel graphics drivers and are only enabled on some PCs.

  • You are not worried about the system expiration any more if you keep using the KMS protocol.
  • If you tend to split windows a lot, you can use keyboard shortcuts to do it faster.
  • In Premium version which is Windows 10, user would attain the quality of interrelate inside in basic edition that is provided there.

It applies an acrylic blur in the background, and the new variable Segoe UI font makes things even better. If you don’t want all the links and recommendations on the lock screen, you can disable them from Settings for a clean lock screen. Voice Typing is among my favorite Windows 11 features as it makes typing much easier and acts as a great accessibility tool. You just need to press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Win + H“, and you can dictate whatever you want to write.

Use a combination of keyboard keys

You want to change the following registry key so the DWORD value is 4 instead of 1 to prevent the virtual disk from expanding when mounted. Throughout testing, we also successfully made Windows To Go drives by manually creating a 500MB partition for boot files on the USB drive along with an OS partition via Disk Management. This process is automated by many third-party Windows To Go creation tools, but the feature typically costs money. Even if you have an Enterprise image however, the native Windows To Go utility won’t work with most USB drives, including two out of three of the ones we used for testing.

Any resolution below that, and you’ll struggle to see much information in any of the windows. To split screen in Windows 10, simply drag a window all the way to one side of the screen until it snaps into place. Then select another window to fill the other half of your screen.

Newer Windows 10 ISO might have files larger than 4 GB. In that case, FAT filesystem won’t work as it doesn’t allow a single file of size greater than 4 GB.You should then format the USB in ExFAT format. Format the USBThe formatting of USB is not over yet.

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